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Flip-up Goggle
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The Area 51 Model  
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Custom Headbands  
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Available in these colors
Personalize headbands available

Electric Blue shields at Wendy's

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Flip Up Pancake   enlarge image

Fire Engine Red shields at wendy's while supplies last.

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Introducing the Z model, this model has been tested to and complies with A.N.S.I. Z87.1 standards.
  • Comes in black only
  • 5/8 Lenseholder only
  • Right hand or left hand
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We have three different lenseholders to choose from. Our regular lensholder has a pocket depth of 3/8 inch. Our Chita lenseholder has a pocket depth of 5/8 inch. And our Auto Lenseholder has a pocket depth of 7/8 inch. To find which one you need simply stack all of the lenses you will be using together and measure the thickness overall.



New at wendys from clairs comfort skins.
ELK SKIN LINERS for your pancake.
Comes in a kit with Instructions.



Comes in black, white, or tan with your choice of lenseholder.
Lenseholder are regular with A 3/8 deep pocket, chita with A 5/8 deep pocket or auto with A 7/8 deep pocket.

Words from our customers:


Here are a couple of pictures of the new hood being used.
I love it. And a couple of my hands here at work are talking about buying one now. Thank You.

From Randy A.

My friend just was curious if my next shield is almost ready.I wouldnt be without one now.I couldnt help but notice you have no pics of these fine shields from the front on your website.I have enclosed a pic of myself in action wearing my favorite shield, a fellow coworker shot.Feel free to use this picture if you so choose.It seems these shields are nearly unheard of around these parts ,one guy that had seen mine said what the hell is that but when i let welders try it on everyone seems to agree these shields are light and very comfertable and they look cool as hell.

From James H.

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